Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit

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A favourite hymn for the Palm Sunday procession comes from over a thousand years ago. It is one of the chants that can sound almost like a folksy dance when sung quickly.

Fortunately there is
a recording from the Monks of Sao Paolo, Brazil courtesy of the Christus Rex website – one of the longest running Catholic resources online. It is a live recording without fancy equipment.

For a more polished rendition there is a youtube recording from the Monks of Solesmes.

This morning we are having a go at making a recording – more difficult than you think! I will upload if we get anywhere.


March Providence Class

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Last Thursday was another homeschool get together for collaborative activities down in Homebush, Sydney. For Lent we revised Parce Domine and the round. The new pieces were: Gloria Laus et Honor by St Theodulf, bishop of Orleans; Stabat Mater attributed to Bl Jacapone da Todi (one other webpage gave him the Blessed title, but haven’t found any details of his beatification) and the round Laudemus Virginem from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat.

March Latin & Church Music class notes

February Latin & Church Music class notes for review.

It is funny how complex a little antiphon can be to teach when you know it so well. Learning new things is a great exercise, not only for your intellectual capacities, but also for humility. Recently I tried Google Reader for the first time and felt that familiar wave of being lost at sea. You need faith that it might appear completely foreign at first but next time it will be a little easier.