Regina Caeli/Coeli

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I’m getting in a little early here, but you need time to get practice, don’t you?

On Sunday, it will be Easter! In Easter time we replace the Angelus with the Regina Caeli. The cool thing about the Regina Caeli is that you can sing it. For background and a great story on the origin of the hymn, see Regina Caeli at Thesaurus Precum Latinarum.

Here is the Regina Caeli arranged for one A5 page with the music followed by the versicle, response and the collect – even if you don’t read music, it can help you get the hang of the tune.

Here is a gregorian schola from Milan to run you through the music three times – I guess they’re singing it thrice because it’s such a short antiphon. Usually we only sing it through the once.

And here is Pope Benedict XVI reciting the Regina Caeli – a little choppy, but still cool. It has chopped off the beginning and has extra prayers on the end.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum x 3

Requiem aeternam, dona eis domine. Et lux perpetua luceat eis. (Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord…)
Requiescant in pace.

Sit nomen Domini benedictum. (May the name of the Lord be blessed)
Ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum. (From now and forevermore.)
Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini. (Our help is in the name of the Lord)
Qui fecit caelum et terram. (Who made heaven and earth)

Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Peter et Filius et Spiritu Sanctus. (May almighty God bless you…)


Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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The June installment of the Providence Latin and Church Music class featured the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Invocations, line by line
Ages ago, as Christianity gained acceptance, processions sprang up. Singing is a wonderful way to express the joy of praising God in a group. A litany is a great way to get maximum singing from minimum preparation. The refrain is catchy and short. The cantor sings an invocation and everyone joins in a hearty “pray for us”. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the oldest. It has the title Litany of Loreto since it that is where it took shape.
The Catholic Encyclopedia has more information.

Rethinking the lessons – I need to make posters. Handing out paper sets up a distraction from the beginning. I had an idea to type out each invocation and hand them out for the older children to sing. My original idea was to introduce a new piece each time and then compile them into a booklet by the end of the year, but I see my focus changing. There needs to be some continuity too. I am learning too – learning about learning.

Latin and Church Music Class

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This year I am giving a children’s class on Latin and Church Music. Since many of the children are not up to reading yet I didn’t think to prepare handouts, but afterwards thought they might be good for the parents attending. So here is a link to the :

February class notes with

  1. the Sign of the Cross in Latin and English
  2. Parce Domine for Lent
  3. Ave Maria the round and the whole text in Latin and English

Parce Domine is set with Gregorio and the round Ave Maria with Lilypond. All in URW Garamond now that I found instructions for installing the free fonts so that small caps are available.

Start with an Antiphon

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Under thy patronage we fly

Under thy patronage we fly

The first installment in what hopes to be a good collection of hymns.  Starting with an ancient antiphon in honour of Mary, Mother of God.

This piece was set using gregorio with the free font

And a free mp3 recording – Capsicum mundi – after the St Anthony pic
or go straight to the mp3 file.