Laetare Sunday plans

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The booklets are done:


See the earlier post for links to recordings. Laetare part one.

Going with the order in the booklets:

repleator2 – is not for the Mass, but a prayer before choir practice.

The Asperges is the ad lib one they do in Lent at Maternal Heart. It’s a little simplified from the regular one. I think it’s still okay to do the regular one though if it makes things easier.

laetareantiphon just the antiphon part. The psalm part is prett easy and I’m out of time right now so see how you go!

Hopefully I’ll update this later, but for now you have lots to go on.


Laetare Part One

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Back into preparing for Laetare Sunday!

The piece to work on is the Introit. You can find the proper, finished product, here at Rene Goupil – scroll down to Sunday, March 18th, 2012 : “4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare)”. They have a pdf for you to read and the recordings to listen to.

Looking at the antiphon, it is divided into three parts by a full bar line (divisio major). If we take just one part each week then we can get it all good by Laetare Sunday.

So here is the first installment, sung by me with a little back up vocals from my sons.

The “e” of the last “eam” is sort of embroidered with the “Lewisham” style – plus I was running out of breath in the recording. See what you think.

The Ordinaries will be Mass 17 – the first Kyrie. Credo 1.

And for those who don’t know it, here’s Forty Days and Forty Nights practice session:

Ash Wednesday!

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We have a sung Mass for Ash Wednesday! Hooray!

First cab off the rank is the little introit sort of thing at the beginning before the blessing of ashes.

Ideally we would sing straight from the Liber Usualis. We’re not quite up to that yet, especially with only a few days notice and maybe an hour’s practice before Mass on the night. If all else fails we can even sing it monotone. For now have a listen to this simplified antiphon:

exaudinos.mp3 (only 2.4Mb)
I sing it through once as it will be sung then I do the antiphon part one more time for good measure.
And the sheet music: exaudinos1.pdf

We will be singing Mass 18 – the easiest one in the book. Lent is a great time for simple easy music – and the organist has a holiday!

Probably the rest will be psalm tones, but I’m looking at the chant for the distribution of ashes next. Responsories are fun – they have something like a recurring catch and if I can just do that bit properly and the rest psalm toned… Just wish I had more time here.

It’s also time to get out the lenten hymns. Our Latin repertoire is Parce Domine, Attende Domine and Audi Benigne Conditor. If I just bung all three into the end of the booklet and we can take our pick on the night depending what our makeshift choir knows.

Ready set GO!

UPDATE! propers2.pdf – 16 pages with Mass 18 and all the propers psalm toned or simplified with safety net psalm tone version provided. Lots of extra verses for Communion too. I haven’t included the extra hymnish things (Parce Domine, Attende Domine, Audi benigne conditor) as the words are in the pew books and I’ll bring copies of the Parish Book of Chant along and Libers and that will be better for now.

Printed pew sheets – words and translations, courtesy of Maternal Heart of Mary resources.

Laetare Sunday

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Next Sung Mass at Mulgoa – 18th March 2012 – Laetare Sunday! We’re shifting to the third Sunday of the month so as not to overlap with the monthly sung Mass at Lawson.

Laetare Sunday is the one Sunday in Lent with Rose coloured vestments – similar to Gaudete Sunday in Advent. It’s the last Sunday before Passiontide, so sort of like a breather before getting into the really serious memorial of Our Lord’s Passion and Death (and Resurrection!)

So the plan is Mass 17 – the one for Sundays in Lent – we haven’t sung it before here, but it’s pretty easy. Credo – 2? It’s like a simplified version of 1. Antoine Daniel says the Vatican recommends 4.

But for the propers, I’d like to do the proper introit at least. It’s a bit of a tall order, but I think with this much advance notice we should be able to pull it off. Already we are down a voice – he’s being Surpliced at the Maternal Heart Church, Lewisham.

So as usual, try Antoine Daniel for Gregorian ordinaries and Rene Goupil for the propers. Put the introit on your mp3 player if you have one – there are a hundred and one ways to listen to mp3s these days.

For now tackle Mass 17 and the Introit (Laetare Jerusalem) and I’ll keep thinking about the rest.

Latin and Church Music Class

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This year I am giving a children’s class on Latin and Church Music. Since many of the children are not up to reading yet I didn’t think to prepare handouts, but afterwards thought they might be good for the parents attending. So here is a link to the :

February class notes with

  1. the Sign of the Cross in Latin and English
  2. Parce Domine for Lent
  3. Ave Maria the round and the whole text in Latin and English

Parce Domine is set with Gregorio and the round Ave Maria with Lilypond. All in URW Garamond now that I found instructions for installing the free fonts so that small caps are available.

Parce Domine

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Parce Domine

Parce Domine

A short antiphon for Lent. Our local Latin Mass sometimes sings this three times as a recessional hymn after Mass. Unaccompanied it makes a plaintive cry to the Lord.

Download pdf

I can’t find a straight mp3 recording, but the ubiquitous youtube has several renditions. Here’s one with the piece sung antiphonally with verses like Audi Benigne Conditor (hope I got that right) Another Lenten hymn to type up. Maybe tomorrow?

And for a more contemporary take on the piece, here’s a simple soulful version.

Hear, O Lord,

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Here’s a tune for Lent.

Hear O Lord

Hear O Lord

I’ll get back to finding a free mp3 of this one. I have heard it on a Libera album – they jazz things up a little, but alright in small doses.

This rather dubious looking site has a recording:

Schola od sv. Tom´┐Że – Attende Domine
Found at abmp3 search engine