St Therese of the Child Jesus

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I have a little hymnbook called “Dwyer’s Catholic Hymn Book”. It is a little like a hermit crab as its cover proclaims it to be “The Australian Catholic Hymn Book by Louis Gille Ltd.” The Imprimatur is from 1940.

Looking for hymns for the Draft Traditional Hymnbook there was an idea to put in hymns to each of Australia’s Patron saints – Our Lady Help of Christians, St Therese of the Child Jesus and St Francis Xavier. St Therese is a fairly recent saint so hymns in her honour are a bit more tricky to find, but she is incredibly popular. The verses that follow are from a hymn credited to A Daily Hymn Book. I don’t have any more information as I don’t have a copy of the Daily Hymn Book and Dwyer’s gives no more info. Checking with a library, the only credit is to “a Carmelite nun”.

1 Lift up thine eyes unto the hills,
And see o’er Carmel’s distant height,
A new and brilliant star, which thrills
Our souls with its celestial light!

2 ‘Mid all the stars which crown our Queen,
Or lilies of her heav’nly bower,
No star, no bloom hath fairer been
Than Jesus’ humble “Little Flow’r,”

3 Hers was no life to gain renown,
Or move the world her praise to sing,
She won no martyr’s ruby crown,
No message bore to Pope or King.

4 Then, why the bright, unearthly glow
Which crowns that brow so sweet and mild?
It mirrors forth, for us below,
Christ’s words: “Be as a little child.”

5 Hidden by Carmel’s cloister-wall,
But e’en more “hid with Christ in God,”
Love’s victim, who, in giving all,
Her “Little Way” unswerving trod.

6 No earthly cloud e’er came between
Teresa and her Only Love,
While all unnotic’d and unseen,
She lived as angels live above.

7 And still her pray’rs make sick men whole,
To anguish’d minds bring peace and rest—
More wondrous still, those heal’d in soul
By thousands “rise, and call her blest.”

8 Teresa of the Child Divine!
Styl’d “Saint” by Holy Church’s pow’r,
The sacred aureole is thine—
But still thou’rt Jesus’ “Little Flower.”

Pick your favourite Long Meter tune for singing.

I’ve taken just the last 4 stanzas for my hymnbook.

Organ accompaniment

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I made the flippant comment that we should have trained organists coming out of our ears. Today I got to speak to some people after Mass who play the piano. Now, there’s a certain culture where piano playing is like tying your shoes – you’ve got to be able to do it – not necessarily concert level, but at least being able to play something. There are lots of people who can play the piano.

We have the basic skills, we have the need, but we just need that extra bridge to do the last bit.

Here are some links about Music:

  • Vatican II Hymnal including free downloads of their organ accompaniments. They’ll even send out a transposition for you via email on request!
  • Nova Organi Harmonia 8 volumes of Gregorian chant accompaniments
  • Small Church Music an organist from WA who records hymn accompaniments and posts them online. He also has free sheet music for the Public Domain ones.
  • We have a copy of The Living Parish Hymnbook Accompaniment Edition (Low Setting) in our parish organ stool. Although it contravenes copyright (it was published in 1965) I have scanned it in and printed copies. I am sorely tempted to upload it here saying I don’t know who to ask for permission, but knowing some of the copyright holders of the contents, that would not be entirely honest. I’ll type up the contents that I know to be Public Domain and maybe find permission for the copyright pieces piece by piece. Work has started in the PDFs page.
  • The Hymnal of St Pius X an Australian hymnbook from 1952 edited by Percy Jones, musical legend from Melbourne. I have also scanned in this one and printed copies.
  • The Westminster Hymnal by Sir Richard R Terry, choirmaster of Westminster Cathedral. Available in print in my Books page
  • A Treasury of Catholic Song by Fr Sidney Hurlbut, from Maryland, USA. Also available in print in my Books page

And here are some links about learning to play the organ: