‘Tis the night before Christmas and all ’round the world musicians are fretting about Midnight Mass.

So, here I should have a booklet of propers for the choir for Midnight Mass. This is the proper Introit and Communion, with the simplified Gradual and Alleluia from the Liber Brevior and the Offertory from the simplified propers of Guam.
propers.pdf 3 pages A5

I also have a booklet for the congregation with Mass 8 and Credo 3 – like what they sing at the Vatican Midnight Mass, but with different hymns – well, the Adeste Fideles at Communion time is the same.
MidnightMass.pdf 19 pages A5

This time I have managed to get along to a rehearsal! What a feeling! Practising the music without that awful feeling that Father’s coming round the corner with a couple of altar boys ready to start the Asperges. Many thanks to the choir that has been steadily practising in the background all this time.

May as well post here another booklet with the propers for next Sunday – 1st January. This has the propers all to the one psalm tone just like Rene Goupil has for most feasts, but not this one yet.
Here it is: newyearspropers.pdf 4 pages A5.

Next Mulgoa sung Mass is Epiphany – Friday 7pm. Get your proclamation of moveable feasts here. Stay tuned for another booklet. Missa de Angelis and Credo 3 again.

Sorry, it’s all a bit last minute – it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but it’s all for the glory of God.

Also giving some thought to how to incorporate these booklets into dthymnbook.sf.net. I guess separate tarballs for each booklet.

The big hymnbooks are starting to slowly roll off the press. Getting them printed through Lulu would be the sensible way, but instead I’m printing them at home and making them into unique hardcover books.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly.

PS: This is in no way an official thing of what everyone should do. Just these booklets adapted to the situation at hand. I like flipping through other people’s booklets, so I share mine too. You can see the Pope’s booklets at vatican.va Liturgical Celebrations.