2 part Ave Maria Josquin des Prez


A morning spent typing up music with lilypond

I proudly present this PDF:


Just so I don’t lose it.

I wonder if I can put the lilypond code here somehow…

I transcribed from this amazing collection called PARTiTURAS MúSICA CORALCHORAL MUSIC SCORES – CHORMUSIKNOTEN

It looks crazy tricky at the moment – but two parts, hey, we should be able to get it eventually.


Ave vera virginitas

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Remember back to that hymn to St Therese I put up here ages ago? I set it to a meltingly beautiful tune and lost the copy, so after a bit of hunting I have found it again. It’s actually just a part of a longer piece Ave Maria…virgo serena by Josquin des Prez.

Here’s a recording – they truncate the repeat bit, but there’s enough to get the idea.

The tenor has a beautiful couple of beats lag – I wonder if I can have a go at this with my kids.

Ideally I’d like a 3 part Ave Maria. I found this 2 part by Josquin des Prez but it looks a little too fancy/melismatic.