Organ Accompaniments

Adapted from Nova Organi Harmonia:


  • Soul of my Saviour
  • Firmly I believe to the tune Omni Die. Usually in Australia it is sung to a tune by Edward Elgar, but this alternative was heard at Maternal Heart church, Lewisham. I think it is from the New Westminster Hymnal as there is a similar setting in the Old Westminster Hymnal.
  • O salutaris the metric tune by Samuel Webbe.
  • Firmly I believe same tune as above but with a simplified left hand with verses alternating between chords and the bass voice. If that sounds confusing, see for yourself.
  • Praise to the Lord
  • Hail Queen of Heaven
  • Glory be to Jesus the left hand had some spans of over an octave so I’ve transposed the bass line from the original to make it easier to play.

The lilypond source files can be downloaded from Draft Traditional Hymnbook at Sourceforge.


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  1. Organ accompaniment « Swell the mighty flood
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 19:46:34

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