How can they sing if they have not heard?

Here’s a challenge: to make a list of recordings of all the music in the Parish Book of Chant. This hymnbook is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License to encourage people to use it and distribute it.

This will be a work in progress for a while. Any contributions or suggestions are more than welcome.

This is not a monastery here – let me know if there are any monasteries putting up free recordings like this too (I know of one so far: the Monastery of St Benedict in Sao Paolo, Brazil) but my point is, I’m not trained, this is a spare time thing while raising children and things like that. If I keep complaining that people don’t know chant then this is the least I can do.

General Hymns and Chants from the Parish Book of Chant

1. Adoremus in Aeternum

Adoremus in aeternum 64kbps mp3 – 7/12/2010

Veronica leading, Patrick and Christopher joining in, the tapping at the beginning is the sound of a five year old flipping abacus beads.

This tune was played at Lewisham with brilliant organ improvisation, maestoso, very cool. Someone must record them, please!

2. Adoro te devote


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