Newly typeset books

A New Book of Old Hymns
book cover The impetus for this book came from attending the Maternal Heart of Mary Church where they had all this beautiful music in latin and I wanted to know what it all meant. Most of it is Gregorian Chant, but there are some of the simpler polyphonic pieces here and there. It is a handy book for teaching young choirs. Some pieces can be sung in either Latin or English. The typesetting was done in the older package called OpusTeX – those with an eye for detail may note the difference with the more recent booklets on this blog. The hymn numbers were more of an after-thought, but have been used in a parish setting as hymnbooks.
Paperback 92pp. $12

Reprints of classic Catholic hymnbooks

Old Westminster Hymnal
book cover A hymnbook compiled by Richard Terry, choirmaster of Westminster Cathedral when it first opened. The book is subtitled “The Only Collection Authorized by the Hierarchy of England and Wales”. The story of how this hierarchy was re-established after so many years of suppression after the reformation is worth looking into. The hymns are painstakingly researched to find the most authentic melodies – read the Musical Editor’s Preface for a fine discussion of the different variations across England in different hymns. The book was gleaned from the Internet Archive and supplemented with pages scanned from a later edition – handy indices.
1912, Paperback 431pp. $20

Treasury of Catholic Song
book cover This book is fun to browse. The editor Fr Hurlbut was from Maryland, USA, but also had spent time in Europe. It is the easiest to read and generally runs three verses worth of text under the music before printing any extra stanzas afterwards. The editor was an engraver, which might explain the better design of the book. He draws from Arundel Hymns and the Westminster Hymnal as well as many other sources.
1915, Paperback 311pp. $18

St Basil’s Hymnal 1918
book cover
Paperback 351pp, $20

Arundel Hymns
book cover
Paperback 574pp, $24

More books at Veronica Brandt’s Books. Work in progress at Draft Traditional Hymnbook.

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