This is the place where Veronica Brandt uploads things as they become ready to share. It sort of began in 1999 or so when she was typing up chant for the Holy Family Education Centre when there was a branch at Riverwood. First she used Meinrad fonts. While studying at UNSW she was introduced to TeX as a good tool for publishing her Thesis. Later she found OpusTeX, which used TeX to typeset Gregorian Chant. That was fine, and the New Book of Old Hymns was typed up in OpusTeX, but someone called Elie Roux started talking about a new idea to shrink down the typing involved to describe the chant into something more like ABC notation. This developed into gregorio – a very wonderful thing.

All the while her family was growing and lots of things keep happening. This blog has followed a course for homeschoolers and also the preparations for simple sung Masses at our local FSSP Latin Mass community. There is a big project called the Draft Traditional Hymnbook that hopefully will one day join the other books at Brandt Books courtesy of Lulu.com.


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  1. Jason
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 16:18:47

    I love Gregorian chant and many of the Latin Marian hymns, so I was happy to find a place that has many of them. And the hymns w/the tones are just invaluable. Thx so much for making them available! ^___^


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