Here’s the page from my hymnbook: ubicaritas. I haven’t forgotten about making it available. The latest development has been putting it up GitHub.

I’m having trouble finding the ideal recording. Yes, I should have got my family to sing it, but they’re all in bed, approximately, and I want to get this done tonight, and lots of kids with sore throats right now anyway, so here’s the closest. The monks are singing the possibly more correct words “Ubi caritas est vera” (where charity is true) but the screen still gives the more widespread “Ubi caritas et amor” (where charity and love are). The New Book of Old Hymns uses the vera version, but the excerpt above uses the amor version.

For lyrics and translation see Thesaurus Precum Latinarum. (Thesaurus means Treasury – isn’t that cool?)

And when you have enjoyed the straight chant version, check out the Durufle version and the one from the Royal Wedding. Lots of beautiful arrangments out there. I remember hearing one on the radio, a rather modern one, but it generally moved from dissonance towards a melody rather like the regular chant version. I haven’t been able to track it down, so please jump in and comment if you have any clues.