dabooksThe Books Have Arrived! SOS media did a great job. Of course I find little things to change – I forgot the Alleluias for the responses after the Vidi Aquam and there was an awkward line break in the Pange Lingua from when I changed it to two columns, but apart from those niggles, it really is a great sight. The plan is to cover them to help them last and attach ribbons somehow. There’s also the plan to number them, more as a psychological deterrent to people lifting them. Yes, they took a lot of work, no they’re not for sale, yes we need them. If you want your own copy, keep badgering me for a public domain edition. There’s already one attempt that I called Congregavit nos in unum. Once all these new printed books are covered and installed then I can think about an updated version of Congregavit. At Lulu I did make it more pricey because I wasn’t happy with it, but that size paperback can get down to $8 per copy at larger quantities. Especially if you avoid all hymns attracting license fees.

So, you can make your own dream hymnal. It may take five times as long as you expect, and it may never be perfect, but it can be done.