MaryThe most celebrated of the four Breviary anthems of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is said from the First Vespers of Trinity Sunday until None of the Saturday before Advent. The authorship is now generally ascribed to Hermann Contractus. (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)

The one thing people keep asking is to learn the Salve Regina. Ideally you’d want some monks to sing it for you a few times a day. Maybe for morning prayers, after the Rosary (it is the Hail Holy Queen in Latin) and at night time prayers before bed.

Failing that, there’s youtube:

Here is the link in case the former link doesn’t work. And another if the sidescrolling music makes you dizzy here is another version.

Play with the vocabulary on Quizlet.

I made a quick course on Memrise – this also goes through the vocabulary with Memrise’s spaced repetition algorithm to help the words stick in your memory.

Print salve from A New Book Of Old Hymns and sing along.

For downloadable mp3s see Selected Chants from St Benedict’s, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Latin Mass Society Chant Downloads (scroll down to Other Chant) and Adoremus Hymnal at Ignatius Press (scroll down to number 545).

There is a solemn version of Salve Regina at Wikimedia Commons in ogg format.