Happy St Joseph’s Day everyone!

Mass went well – a very happy lady who hadn’t heard a sung Latin Mass since she was 34 when she got married and they said the wedding had to be in English now, no more Latin. She still remembers the chant after all these years.

And that’s why we do it – staying up late, risking making fools of ourselves during holy Mass.

So, next Monday is the feast of the Annunciation. It’s also the last week before Holy Week which I would also like to prepare for, but a good Marian feast will be fun.

The Sheet Music

and avemarc.pdf from the Arcadelt page at Werner Icking Music Archive.

Finished the evening’s recording session!

The Chant:

Better recordings are at Antoine Daniel Mass Parts (Mass 9) and St Benedict’s Sao Paolo (propers for the Annunciation).

  1. 01introittext
  2. 02introit
  3. 03kyrie9
  4. 04gloria9
  5. 05gradualtext
  6. 06gradual
  7. 07tracttext
  8. 08tract
  9. 09credo1
  10. 10sanctus9
  11. 11agnusdei9
  12. 12communiontext
  13. 13communion
  14. 14itemissaest

The Extras:

Arcadelt’s Ave Maria
Me singing the soprano line solo : AveMariaSopSolo
Me singin the alto line with a prerecorded somewhat clumsy redition of the soprano and bass on the organ : AveMariaAltowithOrgan
For free mp3s to add to your practice disc see Coro et Laboro (a capella) and Coro Voci di Trezzano (with organ) (both discovered through Classic Cat)
Someone on youtube has put up Choir Tracks of this one – a few different clips covering all the parts played with synthetic piano and strings. The video follows the sheet music. And there are Heaps of other recordings out there.

The other extra is for Communion. The Magnificat of Mr Ronan Reilly, hopefully.

There is so much good music out there!

If you can make it on Monday and would benefit from having a hard copy of all this, please get in touch and I can get one in your letterbox before the weekend.

All welcome, admission is free! I was going to say it’s a pretty echoey place and might be tricky with noisy bubs, but there were a fair number of wee bairns there today and was fine. Some had a bit of a run in the vestibule/narthex/foyer/whatever you call it. It’s solemn, but not formal – if that makes sense?