Next Sung Mass at Mulgoa – 18th March 2012 – Laetare Sunday! We’re shifting to the third Sunday of the month so as not to overlap with the monthly sung Mass at Lawson.

Laetare Sunday is the one Sunday in Lent with Rose coloured vestments – similar to Gaudete Sunday in Advent. It’s the last Sunday before Passiontide, so sort of like a breather before getting into the really serious memorial of Our Lord’s Passion and Death (and Resurrection!)

So the plan is Mass 17 – the one for Sundays in Lent – we haven’t sung it before here, but it’s pretty easy. Credo – 2? It’s like a simplified version of 1. Antoine Daniel says the Vatican recommends 4.

But for the propers, I’d like to do the proper introit at least. It’s a bit of a tall order, but I think with this much advance notice we should be able to pull it off. Already we are down a voice – he’s being Surpliced at the Maternal Heart Church, Lewisham.

So as usual, try Antoine Daniel for Gregorian ordinaries and Rene Goupil for the propers. Put the introit on your mp3 player if you have one – there are a hundred and one ways to listen to mp3s these days.

For now tackle Mass 17 and the Introit (Laetare Jerusalem) and I’ll keep thinking about the rest.