Here’s the booklet for Sexagesima. It features Mass 11, Credo 1 and the propers all psalm toned with optional extra verses in the Offertory Communion as per Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum, available from Musica Sacra (CMAA).

propers1.pdf – updated 8pm to make the Introit work better and have extra verses for the Communion antiphon instead of the Offertory

There are residual puncta cava – the punctums with the white dots – showing that I did make use of and forgot to untick the “use puncta cava” box.

The font is EB Garamond with Manfred Klein’s Lombardic from his 2002 font collection

Tomorrow (Sat 4th February) is the feast of St Veronica (happy nameday to me) and the day to farewell the Alleluia. Enough reason for a party. So there will be cake here in case you drop round. And if you can’t make it, maybe you can practice some chant and sing your favourite Alleluias.

As an aside, St Veronica seems to have several feast days – 4th February, 9th July, 12th July. That might be a research project for another day. That might explain why I can never remember it.