Rene Goupil isn’t listing Candlemas on their excellent website – it is only a second class feast after all, but you can find propers at Luis Quiroz’s Gregorian Chant site. By the way, for a look at where he made the recordings see The Monastery of Sao Bento – I think that’s the place anyway.

The easiest tune of the day is “Lumen et revelationem gentium” or a light of revelation to the gentiles. It’s the one sung at the distribution of candles. I’m not sure if we are doing all the candle part at the evening Mass, but this is so cool you’ll be humming it all day. [NOTE: looks like we will be doing this so more reason to learn it]

Booklets for practice: Either propers2.pdf 19 pages A5 or made into a booklet book.pdf 10 A4 pages to be folded. These have everything (I hope) – the Distribution of Candles, Procession, propers of Mass, ordinaries, reponses (et cum spiritu tuo etc.). Some parts have been “psalm-toned” – that is: the second antiphon of the procession, the responsory following that, the gradual, the verse of the alleluia, the offertory, and I think all the rest is the proper chant. Mass 9 and Credo 1.

Note the font is Georg Duffner’s EB Garamond and the title is in Manfred Klein’s Lombardic from his 2002 archive on fonteria.

This is also the day where we change over from Alma Redemptoris Mater to Ave Regina Caelorum as the Marian Antiphon at Compline (and other hours if you do it that way). It’s the end of Christmas time for sure now. Maybe that’s why the Alleluia is so long – making the most of it before Septuagesima sweeps all the alleluias under the carpet ’till Easter.

[UPDATE: The Mass went well. It was raining steadily so the procession was kept minimal – the priest and servers processed down the nave while we sang Adorna, then back again as we sang Obtulerunt (we skipped the middle Antiphon). Also Greg found rubrics which said the Exsurge bit at the end of the distribution of candles is omitted – a 1962 thing, so that made it a little simpler too. And by the end of Mass the rain had eased off so we had the chance to talk and eat cake and the youngsters did an admirable job of keeping out of puddles.]