Quick update. We had a great Epiphany with much more experienced choirmaster taking the reins.

Then I was thinking of giving this month’s 2nd Sunday a miss, but its the Feast of the Holy Family and here goes.

propers 3 page pdf with Introit, Offertory and Communion with experimental very simple antiphons. The introit and Communion are sort of a cross between psalm tone and proper antiphon – maybe psalm tone on steroids? along with some extra verses to fill up the time – otherwise there’s a gap between the end of the Kyrie and the beginning of the Gloria, though we have a great priest who helps out. And saves us having to think up a motet for Communion.

brevgradalle the relevant page from the Liber Brevior with their take on simple Gradual and Alleluia – keeping the proper Alleluia and psalm toning the verses.

alleluiaverse a short recording of me singing the above Alleluia.

And “Great St Joseph, son of David” at the end.

The feast of the Holy Family was fairly recent, and I think that’s why the music is harder to get the hang of.