Sung Mass, second Sunday of the month, 10.45am St Mary’s, Mulgoa.

Choir practice booklet: advent3.pdf

The plan: Mass 17 – the one for Sundays in Advent and Lent
Credo 1
Proper propers, except the gradual and alleluia, which are like what I think the Liber Brevior would have (note to self, I must get myself a printed copy, currently on special at Fraternity Publications)
Rorate Caeli at the offertory – as per Mr Philip’s Mass Propers at Maternal
Hugh Henry‘s Anima Christi for Communion.

The proper propers are the thing to work on. For great videos with recordings from a French Monastery (Triors) and the chant up on the screen see Rene Scroll down to Third Sunday of Advent and click the Video link (the mp3s are alright – usually sung solo by Matthew Curtis)

The ordinaries are at Antoine Daniel

Notice there’s a prayer before Choir Practice at the beginning of the booklet. We need all the help we can get.

Two sundays for practice – it should be fine. If anyone turns up at 10am we can go through music before Mass – I’d like to add in some Latin singing at the Low Masses too – Veni O Sapientia, Conditor alme siderum, … So much music, so little time! and I’ve burnt the dinner, so back down to earth.