Ite missa est from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Ideas for this lesson – print all the Ite missa ests with corresponding Deo gratias and play some thing to match the two together – get people looking at the chant. Maybe do this on worksheets so keep it nice and quiet.

Since I’m out of time, the alternative is to write I-te mis-sa est and De-o gra-ti-as on the board and sing all the different tunes pointing to the corresponding syllables. Get across the wide variety of tunes in the Gregorian Mass settings.

Then thinking of something to prepare for the end of year concert. I think Mass 18 would be the way to go – its the one for ferias in Advent and Lent so no Gloria and no Creed. Easy.

I’d still like to tackle Non nobis Domine, attributed to William Byrd, but it has flopped so far. There’s always Dona nobis pacem to fall back on – I think it was this year we were doing that.

Does that make this the third year I’ve been teaching at Providence?

Zooming along on a one way ticket to eternity…