Christus regnat!

Christus imperat!

There is such a lot of great music to celebrate Christ the King! So this Sunday we’re pulling together another short notice Missa Cantata.

Here is the booklet. This one is more for the choir.

So we have

  • Asperges
  • Missa de Angelis aka. Mass 8
  • Credo 2
  • Two simplified versions of the introit
  • Gradual and Alleluia from the Liber Brevior simple versions
  • Offertory and Communion to psalm tones
  • Gloria Laus for an offertory motet
  • Anima Christi as a communion motet – this is as typed up by Hugh Henry for the Christus Rex Pilgrimage books.

The two tricky parts here are the first version of the Introit and the Alleluia.

Dignus est Agnus dignusest.mp3

I’d like to sing this, I’m going to try get my children up to speed with it today, but there’s the alternative psalm tone version in the booklet in case it doesn’t happen.


Notice the opening notes sound like Victimae Paschali Laudes, the sequence for Easter. In English we know that sequence as the base for “Bring all ye dear-bought nations, bring”.

For better recordings see Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Universorum Regis from Luís Henrique Camargo Quiroz’s webpage of Gregorian Chant. Rene doesn’t have its usual links to the recordings of the monks of Triors for this particular feast.

That guiltless Lamb who bought your peace
And made His Father’s anger cease…