Earlier this year I wrote a Hymn to St Mary of the Cross. I posted sheet music, setting it to the tune of Rockingham – a slowish tune in 3/4 time that was pretty and new to me.

I wrote the hymn in Long Meter to open up a wide range of tunes. By no means do I want to limit choirs to singing to one tune. But usually each hymn ends up getting stuck to a particular tune, which is handy when you go to sing something with a bunch of other people.

So I hand it over to you. I’ve picked a handful of tunes and recorded them – just me singing the melody.

Ave Vera Virginitas by Josquin de Pres.

Conditor Alme really old tune from the Divine Office for Advent – A treasury of Catholic Song (number 7) and Old Westminster Hymnal (number 2).

O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf German tune 17th century found in Around the Church’s Year by Maria Augusta Trapp.

Old Hundredth from the Presbyterian arrangements of the psalms into hymns.

Rockingham Melody adapted by Edward Miller (1731-1807) commonly sung to When I Survey the Wondrous Cross by Isaac Watts.

a tune from Speier Gesangbuch found in the Old Westminster Hymnal (number 30).

Please pass this post on to anyone you can think of. And add comments if you have any other favourite tunes. There are so many Long Meter tunes out there! Even more if you add in Long Meter with Alleluias – like we sing for Bring, all ye dear bought nations, bring.

Then if we can settle on a tune I can do up some sheet music and try for a proper recording that might actually be pleasant to listen to.