Plans are shaping up already for the next sung Mass at Mulgoa. The date is 9th October, the seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost.

I’m sticking with the same ordinary parts as before. The new propers I’ve just recorded tonight. This is not the interpretation of an expert – My background is in listening to the music at the Maternal Heart Church for a few years (1998-2007 roughly). I welcome feedback and any offers of recordings.

There’s a geek rule that says release early, release often. My main motive for getting these out so early is a week off next week and budding interest from unexpected sources.

First the draft booklet here: OctobersSungMass

Next the propers:


Gradual The Gradual and Alleluia are taken from the Liber Brevior – they put the text to psalm tones, except they keep the original “Alleluia”.

Alleluia This may seem very complex, but it gets easier with familiarity – believe me, I had to go over this many times for the recording! Most Masses the Rene Goupil site has very good recordings from the Monks of Solesmes, but not 17th Sunday After Pentecost. They do have a simplified tune for the Alleluia from Chantes Abreges. We did these last time but they were unfamiliar so harder to get a hold on.



Lastly, the extra communion hymn is Jesu dulcis memoria – this is just a random pick on my part. Last month’s Adoro te devote was great.

For responses and ordinaries see the earlier post To prepare for a simple sung Mass. Kyrie and Gloria from Mass 11, Credo 1, Sanctus and Agnus Dei from Mass 18.

You’re all set, you got your booklet, you got your recordings, listen, read, sing!