The last hymn, Adoremus in Aeternum, is missing two words. It should read:

Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia ejus:

That ‘super nos’ seemed to have evaporated in earlier versions, but now its all fixed and available at

For those who have already got printed copies, if you could write in “super nos” like this:How to write in "super nos"

And if you like my writing, I have ten copies like that to sell here. Postage is cheap for me to send to you here in Australia. The RRP is $12, but for you, $10. (I’ll have to check postage as the books are now 6″x9″ rather than a5)

That must be the best way to pick up typos – go and order 10 copies and you’re sure to find something. The first edition carried a different setting of Adoremus – roughly the version from the Pius X Hymnal published in Melbourne in 1952 or thereabouts. Somewhere along the line I changed it for the chant setting from the Liber Usualis (or Useful Book) and must have forgotten the “super nos” in the process.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

UPDATE: Later that day…

More typos – seven in the song Stella Splendens on page 63. Here is the page as it should appear.

This has to be the last of the gremlins.

And printed errata shall accompany any of the ten copies previously offered for sale. I shall go and update the Lulu book forthwith.