I found this : Chant for Kids

Their official website is hard to navigate right now, but you can read more about them here in a newsletter from last year. That gives a link to their youtube channel for more samples.

So I’m looking at this thinking, why can’t I do this?

And I go hook up the microphone and try a recording:

so we probably need a bit of practice here.

But the general idea is good.

When I tell people I’m working on a hymnbook, many ask if I’m going to have music available. First thing I think of is sheet music, but sounds like most people want a recording. So if this draft hymnal gets underway we may need to get more serious about recording. Children are great for this, but The Monks of Domingos los Silos they ain’t.

There are so many good recordings of Gregorian Chant out there, but there’s still a huge leap for people to get singing. Since this is supposed to be the default worship music for 1 billion people worldwide there’s plenty of room for more recordings.

And there’s that idea to record the whole Parish Book of Chant still standing. Even recording the whole Jubilate Deo – though Adoremus had a go at that here.