Here’s a run down of the first lesson of the year.

First up we talked about the Mass, the upcoming Mass translations and the plan to do one piece each month.

Front page for the Sunday Music bookletAsperges Me was the piece for today – more difficult to teach as it flows all the way through. Not so easy to break into bite size pieces. But we got the first bit and listened through the antiphon. Then we had a go at the Gloria Patri – remembering what the words mean and trying a fairly ornate psalm tone. You can print the music from the Sunday Mass Music booklet – a little 16 page booklet I made for Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

The Church Music Association of America has a recording of Asperges Me from their 2010 Sacred Music Colloquium. The direct link to the mp3 is Here.

Next up we diverted to a popular round called Dona Nobis Pacem. The page from my old hymnbook is donanobis.pdf. Listen to us sing it here Dona nobis pacem

Lastly we went through the first verse of Ave Maris Stella.

Ave = Hail
maris = of the sea/ocean
stella = star
Dei = of God
Mater = Mother
alma = beloved
Atque = and who (check this)
semper = always
Virgo = Virgin
Felix = happy
caeli = of heaven
porta = gate/door

Yes, you will be tested on this.

For music there’s the page from A New Book of Old Hymns: avemaris.pdf. For music, try this recording from Milan via youtube:

But we were running short of time on the day and there was overwhelming preference for singing the simple tune.

Here is the melody typed out in the key of C. Ave maris stella

Ave Maris, mundane tune, first two verses