Providence has asked for another year, this time with more on the parts of the Mass.

  1. February – Introductory lesson – maybe Asperges?
  2. March – Kyrie
  3. May – Gloria – Easter time
  4. June – Credo
  5. August – Sanctus
  6. September – Pater noster
  7. October – Agnus Dei
  8. November – Ite missa est

The CD and booklet have given a start for other avenues to teach this music. One and a half hours almost each month isn’t enough for building a choir – that’s not my brief anyway, but would be a valuable experience for homeschoolers who don’t otherwise get to sing in a big group like that. These students are divided into Senior and Junior groups and it would be good to motivate the seniors to exert themselves and really get somewhere.

Then there is the ongoing plan to build up this blog, inparticular to record the Parish Book of Chant. Also a new hymnbook for my local Latin Mass apostolate – unfortunately I can’t post updates on that here owing to copyright hymns.