This wraps up the first year teaching bits of Latin and church music to homeschoolers from around Sydney.Providence 2010: a booklet with the main music we covered over the eight lessons.

To go with the booklet I made recordings into a CD. Copies available on request for those who can’t download these mp3s.

This post has taken longer than I expected – a busy time of year for sorting out technical difficulties – but finally it will be available online to anyone. I have not attached a formal licence, I don’t think it is polished enough to be very useful, but please pass on copies if you think they might help.

Providence 2010 CD cover
Providence 2010 music booklet

1. Intro and Sign of the Cross

2. Parce Domine

3. Ave Maria mostly the round

4. Gloria Laus et Honor an antiphon for Palm Sunday

5. Stabat Mater a hymn to Our Lady standing alongside Christ in His Passion.

6. Laudemus Virginem a round from the Red Book of Montserrat (Llibre Vermall)

7. Alleluia from Lauds of Easter Sunday

8. Regina Caeli the Marian antiphon for Easter

9. Jubilate Deo a round by Michael Praetorius

10. Litany of Our Lady

(I didn’t sing the whole thing on the CD, but you can hear a better version from the Sacred Music Colloquium 2009 from the Church Music Association of America – different tune, same words.)

11. Gaudete a carol from Piae Cantiones

12. Gaudete in 4 partsMore on Gaudete and its 4 parts

13. Gaudete from Corale Polifonica Psalterium

14. Psalm tones illustrated with the Gloria Patri and the Ave Maria.