This post is partly a test run to see how a different format sounds. I’m learning about mp3 vs ogg and 64kbps vs 128kbps things.

The plan is to make a CD to go with this summary booklet to give to families at the Providence homeschooler group next week.

So here is the first track in ogg format: SoloL1Intro.ogg

Hopefully you can hear it here:

(Doesn’t work for me – must be a strictly mp3 player widget thing)

All the earlier recordings I made into mp3s sound odd because of the way they’re compressed. Making them less compressed makes the files bigger. The ogg format seems like a better deal in the trade off between file size and sound quality, though some mp3 players won’t recognize the files. Hmmmm… Is it worth having multiple formats available? Why do I get bogged down in technical details all the time?

So to complete the test run, here is the conventional alternative:

128kbps mp3 version

So 128kbps mp3 it is.

And I can leave the test here in case it saves someone a little time and trouble.