Today I’ve started a new page called MP3s. See how it goes. They won’t be easy listening tracks but more like, if you dropped by and mentioned that Gregorian chant was so dry this would be me saying “No way! Listen to this.” My voice is nothing to crow about, and there will be young boys joining in, but you can judge for yourself what you can listen to.

The Parish Book of Chant has a great collection of hymns and right now I’d like to use that as a skeleton to flesh out. I’ve started with number 1. Adoremus in aeternum. Being human I am sorely tempted to skip straight to the Christmas section. There probably will be some jumping around as I don’t know all the tunes, yet.

And if someone wants to beat me to it, please do. This is the sort of job you might expect a school of chant to do, rather than a wife and mother. I’m a Linux nut who is all for Open Source and sharing ideas. And I’m keen to hear other interpretations of these tunes.