The new idea is to post sheet music and recordings from the Church’s treasury of liturgical music.

Advent is an odd time, we await the Saviour, make straight His paths, fixing things up, pulling out weeds, check the compass, that sort of thing. Getting ready for a Big Party-time.

So, here’s the new resolution – to provide enough here to get people singing everyday gregorian chant. The focus will be on simple seasonal things you can pick up quickly and share with your family. The recordings are just me and my family. I’ll link to more polished recordings when I find them.

Rorate caeli (or coeli) is a great little antiphon with a melancholy feel looking forward to the coming of the Just One. We sing it when lighting the Advent Wreath in the evening.

Rorate caeli desuper et nubes pluant justum

This image comes from my old book called New Book of Old Hymns.

Rorate coeli mp3

Thanks for visiting. If you have any ideas about what would help you sing gregorian chant, I’m all ears.